Saturday, December 09, 2017


Easily my favorite place to travel. Ecuador is #2...this is a little tour of people and sights. Travelling alone and staying in hostels is a very social way to travel.

Met Pia and Eva in Jakarta. We met 2 weeks later in Pangandaran (surf town) and spent a few days together, then partied a few days in YogJakarta. Lost track of them when I got the foot infection, but we stayed in touch online for a few years

Pia and I shared a meal of snake in YogJakarta (python & cobra). One was difficult to eat, the other impossible

I did volcano hopping with the French guy (Guy) on the left for a few days. Wak (with the kid) and his wife kept in touch for a few years as well, they are from Malaysia

I photo-bombed these 3 Muslim girls in a park in Bodor and we became Facebook friends for a year or so. Definitely a different culture

Chummed with everyone in this crowd for almost 2 weeks... The Indonesian is Dimdim, who guided our jungle trips. The next girl, Andrea...I surfed with for a few days, the next guys are from the Canyoning trip. The 2 girls are Dutch and we spent 3 days with Dimdim on motorcycles and in the jungle. The guy to my right, we did a few volcanos together with a Russian 'croo and got caught in some bad weather

Marla, Dutch dad, Venezuelan Mom. I gave her a trail name ...Bikini Boots. Her friend became Dimdim Boots (long story)

Bikini Boots and Dimdim

The Canyoning 'croo from Pangandaran. We motor-biked out to this place in torrential rainstorm, mud all over the road and spent 3 hours on a river with no humans within 5 km and lava rock, mud and a fast river to contend with, Did a 10m jump as part of this...10m is NOT 7m like I did with Marla on the jungle hike...the difference is palpable

Bandung volcano...VOLCANO #1 of a week-long volcano chasing trip

Merbabu...VOLCANO #2 the day pics on hike cause of big rainstorm. 4 of us end up in a woman's house, no place to go. We buy dry tshirts and underwear from a local store and she feeds us soup and beer

VOLCANO #3, Bromo...very famous. A very cool day all around. We got up at 4AM to get there for sunrise and then hiked the craters and rims all day

VOLCANO #4...Ijen...the lighting was like the morning we canoed in Big Hubley...easily one of my favorite memories

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hiking the White Mtns 2015

   Rosco, Fireball, JB, Dipper, Sun god and Pack It In, all fresh and rarin' to go

   One KM to Go at some decent elevation

   Bruce and Wayne looking at Mt. Eisenhower

   Man wears a kilt, fanciest piece of kit he owns

   Wayne has never been lost, so easy to see from 2 kms, even in the fog.

   This stuff used to be so easy...

   I love waterfalls

   First swim of the week

   Day #3, some people are hurting

   Don't what sort of growth this is...looked quite creepy up close

   Just hang a left after the crevasse

   Fire Tower hike, just before the downpour

   Yes, I hike with an umbrella. What of it?

   You can't see the angle here, but the downhike was treacherous, all wet rock and mud

   A Walk In The Woods

   Like I said, I hike with an umbrella. No rain shell, so you don't heat up when climbing in the rain

   Getting to the top of Ammonoosuc, my favorite hike in White Mtns

   Ah, the Lakes of the Clouds hut...time for soup, check on the Gonzo licence plate whereabouts, and go jump in one of the lakes at 5000'. Snappy!

   Swim #3. Always a mental challenge to get in there.

   Gem Pool after the rain. Have swam here before, but not today.

   As the 'croo was at Sabbaday Falls, I had to hitchhike/walk back to the Farm. Little local colour

   Love the clutter

   If you see this man in the woods, run the other way

   Wayne actually working hard

   Lovely little waterfall over the mossy bank

   Love pictures at elevation, especially after a decent hike up

   Swim #4, coming down off Wiley

   What are you doing, Wayne?

   The 'pose'

   The Three Amigos

   Murphy adds a little color wherever he goes


   Ah, bubbles.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Kenduskeag 2015

   Zip Kellog (Bangor Daily News photo)

   Have you ever been to sea, Billy?

   Why do I know these people?

   Last known photo of Gimp's hat and dry clothes

   Play boats at Shopping Cart on Friday



   Up, again. How hard can this be?

   Hey! This is easy!


   How many years have these guys competed?

   First boat down thru Shopping Cart on Saturday

   Some talent there

   Trevor, on his way to the overall win...again...

   I love this photo

   These guys tried for the fattest part of the tongue

   ...and made it!!!

   So many clean runs thru Shopping Cart

   The guy in front has a better view

   ...and had good reason to be worried

   Bernie and Darren on their way to another trophy Century Class....wha..what!!!

   Kayak Cork

   So much for waiting for spills. Too much talent on this river.

   Yours truly in 2005, on way to 3rd, Kayak Short.
   One of 3 clean runs down this river, doing all the obstacles